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Galaxy S2: Awful reception on Orange

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JamesA, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. JamesA

    JamesA Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just had a Galaxy S2 for a couple of days and been absolutely stunned how awful the reception is. I've stayed on Orange and the reception is worse than with my 2 year old HTC Hero. This is for both voice and data. Is there a firmware update that can help with this? I'm currently on baseband I9100BVKG2. Would unlocking help with this?

    I was also wondering if anyone knew if Orange had blocked tethering? I can ping my phone but I can't even ping by ip address. I can't tell if this is due to a lack of signal or not though.


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  2. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Android Expert

    mmm. could this be something orange do?

    i only know personally 1 other person with an s2, he's on orange, he complains bitterly about reception.

    mine works fine.....
  3. Jigsy

    Jigsy Newbie

    Hey sorry to hear you are having trouble. Have you tried installing Kies and seeing if there is a update, that might solve the issuses you are having ?
  4. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    No reception issues here. Signal isn't the strongest I've seen but it's never dropped or rejected a call. Iirc KG2 is the current Orange firmware level, and includes a "signal boost" app that allows calls to route over wifi if the connection is poor.

    p.s. I think someone recently posted here that Orange have confirmed that they now block tethering. Found it... post #1 here.
  5. RoRo1990

    RoRo1990 Well-Known Member

    what is orange a rom?
  6. JamesA

    JamesA Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok, so orange are crippling everything. Just wondering if the poor reception is due to the firmware, a faulty phone or the phone itself? I'll ask if tethering is blocked on the phone.

    Just wondering if they're going to fine me for using tethering if I root it, by not including that as part of my data package. Not sure how they'd find out?

    I'm still within my fourteen days, so I might cancel the contract. Orange seem to be a joke.

    Does anyone know if tethering is blocked on any other networks?
  7. Hammerpgh

    Hammerpgh Member

    I'm om Orange and have been for two years without a problem. I upgraded last week to get my SG II and have had no issues with reception, etc. at all.

    Regarding tehering not sure if they have changed something recently but it was only a couple of months ago that I was able to tether my Archos device running Android without a hitch. Also, not sure if it's the same thing but I was able to use my phones internet connection to allow my laptop to access the internet when I couldn't get a connection any other way. However, that was before I upgraded to the SG II... guess if it is a problem I'll just have to use my older phone for that purpose.
  8. biffsmash

    biffsmash Well-Known Member

    The reception on my SGS2 on Orange and O2 is pretty dire, at least it shows on the signal meter that it's dire. Using 2G for calling is the best way i've found to get better reception.

    As for tethering, if you mean mobile wifi hotspot, mine is working on Orange fine.. can connect to it and get on net fine.
  9. Shocky

    Shocky Android Expert

    My reception isnt great, the connection does drop now and again but thankfully it's never happened during a call.
  10. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    It could be the firmware, although the Orange version will have passed the required tests for network compatibility so should be fine. It could also be a hardware fault e.g. a bad radio chipset. It's not an intrinsic fault in the handset itself as everyone isn't affected.

    Only by usage afaik. If you start downloading DVD rips or Windows service packs then alarm bells will start ringing. ;)
  11. MJC UK

    MJC UK Member

    Try changing your carrier in the settings to "Orange T-Mobile", you might get a better signal on TM
  12. TobesEtc

    TobesEtc Android Enthusiast

    I've never heard anything good about Orange. I work right by Trafalgar Square and my colleagues Orange iPhone and my g/f Nokia get no signal at all there. Not that this offers you any help at all, sorry!

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