Help Galaxy S2 constantly rebooting



About 10 days ago I updated my phone to ICS, and it's been fine.

Just this morning I kept getting an error message on the phone saying something like "google plus has stopped working". I decided to reboot the phone and since then it's in a constant cycle of rebooting itself and I can't do anything about it.

I tried doing a soft reset and hard reset but it hasn't done anything.

I though it might be something to do with the SD card as I read somewhere else but removing the sd card makes no difference.

Help please!

I had a similar problem, and i moveed all my apps off the SD card and onto the phone. THis solved my rebooting problem.

Unfortuneatly there are several causes to rebooting, tracking it down maybe difficult. I suggest start from scratch and back up all you data and wipe both the phone and SD card. don't load any apps onto the freshly wiped phone and leave it for 24 hours before you add the apps back.


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But, how can I back anything up if I can't use my phone because it's in an infinite cycle of rebooting itself.

Is there another way?

Is there a "safe mode" i can start my phone in to do it?

Russell Ng

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Try pressing Power+Home+Volume Up, and see if you can get into the menu. From there, there are options for wipe and factory reset. Its the only thing I can think of. Unfortunately, you pretty much lose everything doing this. Hope you had done some backup.