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galaxy s2 e4gt wifi hotspot and tethering

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by arcolino1, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. arcolino1

    arcolino1 Member
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    Dec 11, 2011
    ok I might have missed this, I looked through a bunch of post for wifi hot spot and tethering. because sprint wants 30 bucks for wifi hot spot crazy. even the guy at sprint said they are free ones on the net. do I have to root, I installed apps from the market place but they did not work. please provide direct steps to rooting and getting this done. thx.


  2. Hello arcolino1. Welcome to the forums. :)

    Here is a link to the Sprint policy on tethering:


    In there you'll find:

    Examples of prohibited data uses: Sprint data services are provided solely for purposes of web surfing, sending and receiving email, photographs and other similar messaging activities, and the non-continuous streaming of videos, downloading of files or on line gaming. Our data services may not be used:... (vi) for an activity that connects any device to Personal Computers (including without limitation, laptops), or other equipment for the purpose of transmitting wireless data over the network (unless customer is using a plan designated for such usage)...Unlimited Use Plans. If you subscribe to rate plans, services or features that are described as unlimited, you should be aware that such "unlimited" plans are subject to these Sprint Prohibited Network Uses.


    So, discussion about attempting to obtain tethering functionality for free or outside the Sprint Terms of Service can't be allowed here at Android Forums. :(

    They do have a data plan for those services, though. That would be the way to go. :)

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