Help Galaxy S2 freeze aftrer screen lock


I bought a Galaxy S2 phone a month ago.
The past 2 days the phone started behaving strange during screen lock.
I'l been using a lock with pattern.
Now the phone it will dim out and the screen will shut down after 15 sec (as selected from settings) but after it turns off, it will turn on again dimmed.

8 out of 10 times if I press the power button for the screen to turn off, my phone will freeze and I'll have to shut it down (press power button go 10-15 sec)

I have uninstall most of the apps, I have GPS, Bluetooth and wifi completely turned off. I noticed that the Accuweather widget (or whatsitsname, the one installed with android) kept changing locations, so with the program watchdog I blacklisted and killed the process. But I still see the same behaviour.

Without me using it the past 2 days I had to recharge the phone 4 times.

Please note the phone is not rooted nor have i load any other version.
The default version that is running is (Basebandversion I9100XXKE7, Build number GINGERBREAD.XWKF3, ANDROID VERSION 2.3.3, KERNEL VERSION: root@DELL101 #2)

The phone is not locked in any company.

Anyone got any suggestions on how to resolve this?
Resseting to factory settings will be my last resort.


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well my problem what kinda resolved. about 3 days after I posted the above message,I was trying to connect my s2 with my PC via cable and that messed up the charging circuit somehow, so I had to send it for service, were they did a wipe and reinstall.


I got a hint about what the problem might be sometime back. I was charging my phone on USB cable from the computer and all of a sudden my brother called me, my phone froze in a very similar fashion. then i had the epiphany, the ringtone assigned was on the SD card, perhaps the media scanner was working or there might be issues with read speed(i have a 32 GB class 10) . So to fix the lockscreen issue i simply made sure that the wallpaper that i use on both home and lock screens is on the main memory instead of the SD Card.:) hasn't troubled me since.