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Galaxy s2 GT-i9100 DEAD!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yghorbeviahn, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. yghorbeviahn

    yghorbeviahn Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys, need some help from you.

    Yesterday I was downgrading from Jelly Bean to 2.3, because JB was having so much issues with battery and processing, but when i click on the 'Start' on Odin, nothing happens, was waiting and nothing, so i take my phone, and now it's like that:

    -Dont turn on.
    -Don't show 'charging' icon when plugged on power source.
    -Don't eneter on download mode.
    -Don't enter on restoration mode.
    -Don't recognize on the PC.
    -Don't recognize on Odin.

    it's black, all black, don't show anything ever, any log screen, any boot, NOTHING, don't matter what i do.

    Any idea on how repair it? Any help will be great.

    Thx :)

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  2. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums yghorbeviahn! :)

    Sorry to learn you are having problems with your downgrade.

    Judging from your list of, "Don't's", it's not looking good.

    Booting into Recovery Mode or into Download Mode can be tricky and so it might be worth following the links to see how it's done.

    You say that you cannot turn your phone on... was the battery fully charged before you attempted to downgrade your firmware?

    Which firmware and what method were you using?

    Which model of the Galaxy S2 do you have, (GT-i9100/G/M/P/T/USA)?
  3. Epiq

    Epiq Lurker

    I'm having the exact same issue :(

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