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Galaxy S2 Jig help/advice

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dobbler, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Dobbler

    Dobbler Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys.

    This is an awesome forum. It helped me a TON rooting my phone and putting a custom rom on it. Thanks for all the help.

    I just have a couple questions. I have looked online and can only seem to get bits and pieces, so I just wanted to hopefully clarify a few things.

    Firstly, my specs ( post root and custom rom ):
    Galaxy S2 ( vodacom )
    Checkrom RevoHD V4 ( 2.3.6 )
    Siyah GT v2.5
    ( I hope that's helpful )

    I have backups of everything just after rooting before flashing the rom with clockworkmod and backups with titanium. I used S2 Root so I believe I can unroot with that if needed.

    Everything has gone perfectly so far and I'm loving my first custom rom on my new phone :)

    I received my USB Jig today and I was hoping it would get rid of my custom rom count and the yellow triangle.

    I plugged it in while the phone was off ( also took out the battery for a minute before doing this ) . Plug in the Jig and it boots the phone into Download mode. However my custom rom counter still says 3 and custom firmware etc.

    I was reading that the new bootloader in the newer roms has prevented using the USB jig and that I should get a certain file, flash it, then the jig will be able to work. This is where I get confused. The thread I was linked to to get the files is MASSIVE and I have no idea what file I need for my phone atm.

    Also, the files I was checking out are about 270mb or so. It this a complete rom that will replace Checkrom and erase my data ?

    What I am trying to do is remove the custom rom counter and the yellow triangle while still running Checkrom RevoHD 4. Is this even possible or am I thinking about it the wrong way ?

    I realise the yellow triangle and custom rom counter is not doing anything bad to my phone and that I would only need to remove them to take my phone in for repair. But if it's possible I would like to do it because I am a perfectionist like that ( or OCD however you want to see it :p ) .

    I tried restoring my image with clockworkmod to the original image just after rooting ( with original stock rom ) just to test the jig on that and it still does the same thing. boots but the custom counter is still there, so I am worried I wont be able to remove it even if I do need repair in the future.

    I am very new to "rooting stuff" ( and this is my first android phone ), so any help and advice would be most appreciated. Thanks for your time and patience.

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  2. Hawker

    Hawker Android Expert

    How did you root your device?
    I would suggest re-rooting it with ChainFire's CF-Root
    This will root with the old bootloader, so your jig should work,
    Re-root, power off, stick in the jig and see what happens.

    If it still doesnt get rid of the yellow warning triangle then you probably have a duff jig.

    If all is well, you will have to reflash your siyah kernel. This will not affect your flash count and will not re-introduce the yellow triangle.
  3. Dobbler

    Dobbler Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi hawker,

    Thanks for the swift response !

    I Rooted using Odin3 1.83 and S2 Root.exe

    I was actually going to use CF-Root originally but I was so confused by the masses of information and I found a really nice step by step guide using the S2 Root.exe method and I'm not experienced at this.


    OK so I am impatient bastard so while I was waiting for a reply I been restoring and wiping and restoring like crazy and I managed to get a bootloop when I flashed on the stock samsung rom and kernel. lol.

    I flashed ( odin ) the secure Kernel i got for those instructions i used ( GT-I9100_XWKI4_original.tar ) and the phone came back to life and looks factory stock except for the Vodacom image is missing from the boot sequence ( lol ).

    I thought now let me try the Jig and it totally worked ! reset counter and everything.

    So now..... do I re-root from scratch using CF-Root then restore my latest rom image with clockworkmod ? Or do I need to do a clean install of the Rom ( Checkrom ) and then restore my apps with titanium ?

    Thanks again for the help !
    It's a pain sometimes but I really do enjoy my phone in it's customised state.
  4. Dobbler

    Dobbler Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Do you mean I can re-root it without taking off Checkrom ?
  5. maranello69

    maranello69 Lurker

  6. Dobbler

    Dobbler Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Beautiful ! Back to checkrom with all my goodies, and the jig worked !

    You guys rock !

    Thanks so much for all the help.

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