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Galaxy S2: No update ever available for Android 2.3.3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wildetudor, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. wildetudor

    wildetudor Member
    Thread Starter

    Hello everyone,

    I've had my Samsung Galaxy S2 for half a year now, but every time I check for OS updates, it says no updates are available (the version that it came pre-installed with is Android 2.3.3)

    My phone was initially on O2, and has been rooted shortly afterwards. I am aware that even when newer versions of an OS are available, they may not necessarily always be available for any phone model on any operator in any country, however it's been a while since Android 4.0 has been released, and I don't quite understand why it hasn't yet been pushed to S2 phones on the O2 UK network.

    Could this be related to my phone having been rooted? Is there anything else I can try to upgrade my OS to v4.0?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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  2. triforceguy1

    triforceguy1 Newbie

    Have you tried doing it through Kies? Apparently O2 hasn't supported for OTA updates, even then, kies keeps saying to me my device doesn't support updates, and I've done nothing to it :/
  3. wildetudor

    wildetudor Member
    Thread Starter

    Many thanks for suggesting this - it seems that, via Kies, an update is indeed available, specifically "PDA:LP3/PHONE:LPR/CSC:LP4 (O2U).

    I just wonder whether upgrading will mean un-rooting the phone. I remember I spent quite a lot of time rooting it after buying the phone, and I'd rather not go through that again, if at all possible... :)
  4. Sword Fish

    Sword Fish Android Enthusiast

    Yes you will loose root if you update. Rooting is very easy. What issues did you have?
  5. wildetudor

    wildetudor Member
    Thread Starter

    many thanks for your reply Sword Fish. I don't thnk there were specific issues, it just took me a while to read about the proper way to do it for my particular phone model, whether there were any risks, etc. I guess, though, that it should take me a lot less to do it again, and I'm sure the upgrade to 4.0 will make it worth while
  6. Nehrist

    Nehrist Lurker

    You can upgrade your phone to the official android version 4.0.3 by following this link:
    http : // forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1075278

    At that page select latest version (I selected [FONT=&quot]XWLP7 [/FONT][FONT=&quot]international version[/FONT] - Multi-CSC) under official (not Frankenstein) firmwares and follow the instructions at the beginning of the page.
    I made this update couple days ago, everything was ok, no issues, all took about 12-20 minutes. My phone is galaxy S2 GT-I1900.

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