Help Galaxy S2 (Skyrocket) not restoring APPS - HELP!


Hi..I'm having issues restoring my system. I had to purchase a replacement S2 because I cracked the screen - though it still worked! (Note to self, NEVER take off your Otterbox case and use the phone bare, especially in cold weather!). :(

Before I got the new phone I backed up everything with Keis and my contacts are in my gmail account.

When I restored the system, (ICS 4.0.4) - the apps weren't there - I have to install them manually. The various icons on the screens are different and my selected wall paper is the default. Also the settings (wifi, other email accounts etc) are not there. I expected it to restore to the way it was when I created the backup.

What did I do wrong? :(
Is there a better app for this? :thinking:

I'm NOT rooted - but will do that for a better backup/restore process.

Thanks in advance