Help Galaxy S2 Totally Bricked, any ideas?


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Hi all, last October I bought a Galaxy S2 from a guy on Ebay. It came with no box, rooted and with Cyanogen Mod 7. To cut a long story short I found that, having bought a Galaxy S3 and wanting to sell the S2, that it had been flashed with the IMEI number of an old Nokia phone. However ebay told me it was OK to sell as long as I described this clearly.
4.5 hours before the auction finished I decided to wipe my remaining data and found the phone totally unresponsive. Nothing at all, no combination of keys or an unbricking jig, will make it power up. I know it isn't the battery as I tried the battery from a mates S2.
I've had it apart an there is a stippling effect to the top left corner - does this look like heat damage?
Any suggestions welcome.


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