Jun 25, 2020
Going through the settings I am able to change the sound settings for ringtone, media, notifications, etc. However, after some unknown period of time they get reset to a default state without any user input. This default state includes setting the ringtone at about 80%, which is way too loud. I am trying to set the ringtone to about 20% and want it to stay there. samsung ringtones
It is a problem because my wife is a schoolteacher. And with the pandemic, she teaches children on Zoom calls, and the loud ringing of my phone disturbs her children's classes. Is there a way to stop the phone from automatically resetting the ringtone to 80% volume? It sounds like a bug in the Samsung One UI. Has anyone else experienced this problem? This is on an Xfinity provided Galaxy S20+ in case that part is relevant.
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Install a volume management app, such as Volume Controls, which is in the play store. Has volume sliders for each individual volume, and you can save it to your liking