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Galaxy s3 loads pictures at low quality in browser/apps. help plz

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DaveeGriff, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. DaveeGriff

    DaveeGriff Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So I have no complaints with this phone but one....
    Images don't load very nice on this phone, I want to make clear I'm not talking about the camera...
    So for e.g., browsing tumbler , all the pictures load very very blurry, using the app is slightly worse.
    Or if you download the fitness buddy app and you browse through workout pictures, their all so blotchy and low quality :/
    Same with other pages n apps these are just easy examples which have annoyed me

    Is anyone else getting this...............

    P.s. its not internet speed, I also connect to wifi ..
    I'd love some help

  2. ztnap

    ztnap Lurker

    Yes I am experiencing the same thing. I got it about a week ago and i love this device. But as you said the images in all browsers/facebook/gmail apps appear to load in very low quality.
    I am wondering the same thing whether there's a setting to load high quality pictures?

    Just to clarify like you said. This is nothing to do with the camera. The camera is great!!
  3. gcnmiami

    gcnmiami Lurker

    I dont have problem with phone, except for when sharing to FB or uploading them to my laptop.

    For me, im not experiencing blurry pics.....which you can change the resolution in the settings, maybe yours is on the lowest resolution setting? but for me it loses the color vibrancy - they all look like they are Instagramed, which i hate, all washed out.......and I cant see in settings how to fix that. I see different color variations, but nothing that fixes that problem.

    The people at sprint store agreed with me, and they were of no help. do you experience same? where its color is vibrant on fone, but once uploaded elsewhere, it loses that???? Any ideas??

  4. Jimmy2012

    Jimmy2012 Lurker

    Hello there

    Have any of you found a solution to the blurred and distorted images? I am on orange and having the same problems. I am now on my second phone and sim card but still the same and it is driving me mad. Any help would be really appreciated.

  5. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;)

    Im on 3 and was on Giffgaff (o2) before and i dont have the problem.. well obviously with fb you lose a lot of quality but downloading from say google image, droidicon or wallpaper apps like Zedge, quality seems fine and im only on like 10mb/s 3g.
    Ive no idea what would cause the problem.
    What if you use phone to download a pic to sd card then put sd card in your pc, is it still blurry (in other words, is it the download thats the problem or the display of the image?)
  6. kirithlobo

    kirithlobo Lurker

    Experiencing a similar problem on my S3..
    All images in browser are badly pixellated. Tried it on chrome and the stock browser. It was fine till a couple of weeks ago. Im not sure if I have altered some settings by mistake.
    Please help!!

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