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Galaxy s3 (MetroPCS) HELP!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by illyab2009, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. illyab2009

    illyab2009 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    hi everyone.
    im new to this website, so my apologies if i posted in the wrong forum(couldnt find a metroPCS forum for galaxy s3).

    ok, to get straight to the point, i rooted my phone and flashed cm 10.1.2 and it's working great!
    today, i got a text from metroPCS(611) saying this exact quote,
    "MetroPCS has attempted to send an important software update
    to your phone. Please go to a MetroPCS store or accept Update prior
    to 8/11/13 to retain data speeds"

    ok, so my data speeds are currently excellent(at around 8Mb/s).
    but, i noticed that on my stock metropcs rom i had LTE:14 and on the CM 10.1.2 rom i have LTE:13
    is this the update they are talking about, and is it going to affect me in any way?

    please help out a noob in need! lol thanks!

  2. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Extreme Android User

    Hello and welcome to the forum:wavey:

    I can't really go into to much detail myself as I don't have your variant but the rule of thumb if you're running a custom rom is don't except any stock ota updates as it can really mess up your phone. Do you have the gsm or cdma version of the metro gs3? We have a forum dedicated to rooting either variant so I'll be happy to move the thread over to one of them where other members will be better equipped to help you out than me:)
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  3. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;)

    I say, if it aint broke, dont let the carrier try to fix it lol. CM will keep you ahead of the game and you can probably trust them more than your carriers devs :thumbup:
  4. Raptor_Jesus

    Raptor_Jesus On Probation

    I had a slightly older model Samsung SCH-R910 that I brought to be upgraded. The firmware goes from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2 - but it bricked my phone. Went round and round with MetroPCS - they finally capitulated and replaced my phone.

    Check out My Blog for the whole sordid tale. It went so far as me having to file complaints with both the Federal Communication Commission and the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission.

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