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galaxy s3 questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jasonhan416, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. jasonhan416

    jasonhan416 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    1. Sound
    I have galaxy s3 and i was playing around with my phone last night with my earphone plugged in. I am with Telus (canada mobile company), and I noticed whenever I click on phone and try to dial up something, I hear a static noise.
    You know when you turn on your speaker really loud on your computer and you sometimes hear a loud "zzzzzzzzzzzz" sound? That's what I hear when I am on phone dial. Every time I call my voice mail, I hear that sound. I panicked so I clicked on "home" button and that loud "zzzz" noise disappeared. I thought it was my sound problem so I tried playing any music. No "zz" noise.
    I tried playing a HD video. No "zzz" noise.
    Is particular sound on my s3 broken or is it normal to hear "zzz" noise when I call my voicemail or anyone really when I have my earphone plugged in.

    2. Battery life.
    Another battery life question.
    I noticed my battery drain pretty quickly.
    I put my brightness highest.
    Leave 4G network on. I played music on for 3 hours straight and it went from 79%~67%
    I guess its some what normal since a lot of ppl having this problem too.
    Mine is currently upgraded to Jelly Bean, but mine is not rooted.
    Does jelly bean update in general cause battery shortage or only rooted jelly bean update do?

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  2. jasonhan416

    jasonhan416 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    someone please help?
  3. jasonhan416

    jasonhan416 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    someone please help me
  4. joe71

    joe71 Android Expert

    From what I understand samsung phones have always had issues with the battery. I have learned using different apps and playing games and watching videod or movies can quivkly drain your battery. Turn down the brightness of your screen, when you don't need it consider turning off the wifi , I have found these two things to help with battery life, as for the sound I sm not sure
  5. silentwitness

    silentwitness Android Expert

    after updating to JB u should do a factory reset to solve any small issues that may have been caused.

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