Galaxy s3 screen and other problems.


Hey guys, I've had my S3 since july and I'm enjoying my phone. But I have noticed that sometimes when I unlock the phone the screen gets 'brighter' and icons seem to have a lot 'lighter' color, especially when I look at the Facebook icon. It's nothing like the auto-brightness, the screen appears to be in a whole different 'mode'. After I lock and unlock my screen it appears to be normal again. Also when I'm listening to music with earphones (I've tested with 3 different earphones), the music lags. And when I'm watching movies (which are saved on the phone or streamed from Youtube etc.) it lags. I've also experienced lag with scrolling in the setting or apps. What should I do? should I bring it to my carrier (which is T-mobile in The Netherlands) or do you guys have any suggestions?



Mine does the brightness thing too, my iPhone used to do it too, i think its because it only checks the light sensor once and a while or when the phone is initially unlocked, if it gets a odd reading it may throw off the brightness.