Help Galaxy s3 soft buttons not working.

I dropped my s3 in the toilet by accident.
I panicked and pulled it out and tried to restart couple of times.
and I was stupid enough, I just wiped the device with water, and left the device on for 3 hours without turning it off LOL.
WHen I found out the best solution for this kind of situation on the internet, I was like "oh sh**. I screwed up." Next day, I left my phone in the rice bag for whoe night and I noticed it stated working again.
Perfectly fine EXCEPT for one thing.
My soft keys doesn't work anymore -_-.
It doesn't light up, it doesn't even let me use it.
ITS dead. Water inside the device probably fried up the circuit and messed up...
Touch screen works, phone calling works, everything else works except for that soft keys.

Is there a way to fix it or do I have to send them in repairs? What is the problem with s3 that the soft keys don't work? I need some kind of advice for me to try to take actions towards it and fix it.

OR is there an android app where I can use those soft keys inside the screen?


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Personally, I believe after getting it wet your going to have to take it in for repairs.:( I do not believe their is an app for that,:thinking: could be wrong but,;) Probably lucky it still works at all!!:rolleyes:


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There are a couple of apps which will do the job of the soft keys. You do need to be rooted to use the back and menu functions though

Although as mentioned you are probably best to get it repaired as there is the possibility that it will get progressively worse as time goes by.


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The rice bag "fix" is not the miracle cure folks think it is. I had a similar situation and ended up PAYING to replace the phone. Fortunately, I had some insurance through my carrier, so I only had to pay a FEE, but it was not free.