Feb 22, 2016
Hi i'm new to this forum and i need help!
i have a Samsung Galaxy S3 that was playing up so did a factory reset. The phone now tries to reboot but is bombarded with Goggle play services stopped / Samsung account has stopped / Google account manager has stopped. The reboot stops at the point where i set the date and time.. it keeps saying Google Account manager has stopped and it keeps popping up over and over again so i cannot progress past this point.

The phone is not rooted and all data has been deleted.. any help would be gratefully appreciated!
What model S3?​
Pull the battery and hold the power button for a few seconds to completely discharge the phone. Replace battery and see if phone will boot normally. If still acting up,
Boot into Recovery. From off press and hold volume up+home+ power till you see blue writing in upper left corner then release the power button. Select clear cache then factory reset again.
Thanks Jfalls63.. i did this also and shows "downloading" but it was stuck there for ages without showing any form of progress.. i guess i was too impatient.. anyways used Kies to reinstall the firmware seems to have fixed it.
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