Help Galaxy s3 water damage help

After having my phone submerged in water i dryed it in rice for a few weeks. i tried to turn it on it started up fine but it says critically low baterary and the touch screen is unresponsive then the phone shuts off and restarts after about 15 seconds. Should i just leave the phone charging all nite and replace the digitizer or what? i need help :( this is my first smart phone. Wheres the best place to send in to get it fixed? thank you to all who reply :(


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There isnt anything definate that anyone can tell you about water damage tbh :(
You did the right thing by drying it but i (noone) could say yeah a new digitizer will help, it probably wouldnt.
Sorry man :beer:

P.s, most repair centers wont even touch a water damaged phone. They call it "beyond economical repair" or something. Meaning, it would be cheaper to buy a new phone.
Sorry about the doom n gloom reply lol :beer:


what does d factory mode means it appear on my s3 screen with an android icon saying downloading target do not turn off... but i turn off automatically and now i cant open it... please help.


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When you turn on your phone normally, does that screen come on?
It sounds like it it going into download mode, but it's stuck at that screen?