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galaxy S3 wont charge

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Android Question, Nov 30, 2013.

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    my samsung galaxy S3 which is approx 10 mnths old wont charge. the problem seems to be with the connection from the charger to the phone, the phone seems to be the problem. is this a common problem? i was thinking that if i replace the part in the phone that the charger goes into it may help? when i am trying to charge it it only will work if i physically hold the charger into the phone. so to me that seems like the piece has come loose or something??


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    Exactly correct - the charging port is loose. The problem is in replacing it. The port is about $3. You have to disassemble the phone, remove the board, unsolder the port (being careful to not bridge anything, causing a short, and not overheating the board), clean all the holes (without damaging the plate-thru), then put the new port on the board and solder it back in, carefully enough that you don't short anything, but solidly enough that it doesn't come loose again in a few months. That's why, even if you find someone willing (and able) to do the work, $100 isn't a high price.

    If you try doing it yourself (assuming you haven't been doing precision soldering for the last 10 years), the odds of your breaking something are as close to 100% as to make no difference. (We constantly see posts asking "what do I do now?" after someone "fixed" something.)

    BTW, constantly moving the port while you're trying to hold the plug in the right position produces little sparks, which char the board. Do that often enough and you're in for a new motherboard - which, labor included, isn't much cheaper than a new phone.

    I'd contact Samsung and ask for an estimate. Surprisingly, they don't rob you to fix phones.
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