Help galaxy s4 and aux car radio issue


I have just bought a galaxy s4 mini after being an iphone user for years. I have got an audiobook on google play and went to play it through my seat ibiza fr aux cable - it sounds dreadful! Tinny and whiney and totally "unlistenable" . I plugged in my iphone to make sure it wasn't the car or the cable, and it was perfect. So I know the phone is the issue here.

I am using the built in aux port and plugging it Into the headphones port. When I listen using headphones, there is no problem with the sound.

is there anything that can be done? as I am currently spending hours to convert my audiobooks from itunes.

I am impressed so far with this phone, but if I can't listen to music on it in my car then I will be so cross!!



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Make sure the cable is going all the way in, especially if you have a case on the back of the phone (in fact, take off the case and try it that way).


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I've moved your post to the S4 Mini forum, for better visibility from folks who have the same phone.
However I can say I had a similar problem with my S4 and the fix that AllanLaw suggested was my fix also - the cable wasn't fully into the phone.
You might also check for a piece of lint in the phone jack.


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Try the audio books in a different car (or at least through different external speakers). I'm wondering if there is a problem with the conversion process.