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Galaxy S4 Cases and covers!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by leo2013, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. prerunnerseth

    prerunnerseth Android Enthusiast

    Ugh, i just cant decide between the UAG and the Neo Hybrid. The neo hybrid looks nice, but too much like an iTurd. I like the rugged look of the UAG as well and it doesnt look like an iTurd, but just doesnt look as sleek as the Neo Hybrid.


  2. drpotter2807

    drpotter2807 Well-Known Member

    I have the Neo Hybrid in Silver on my White phone with the Spigen Glas.t.r case.

    LOVE THE LOOK. Seriously... love it. But holding it is killing my pinkie. I hold my phone and balance it on the bottom edge with my pinkie. The cut out for the charger is killing it. I've tried to make myself readjust, but I think I've resigned myself to the fact that I need to try something else.

    Anyone want to by an almost new Neo Hybrid in Silver? Ugh!

    Suggestions for something similar with a rubber bottom?
  3. syntrix

    syntrix Android Expert

    Found an incipio at the VZW store today.

    It was stickered at $29.99, rang up at $24.99, and I got my corp 25% for a cheap case today. It's got the inner soft rubber that's grey, then hard shell that's white.

    Decided to do a mod to it really quick, too...

    [​IMG] :D:D
  4. drpotter2807

    drpotter2807 Well-Known Member

    Is the hardshell slick or have a rubbery feel to it?
  5. syntrix

    syntrix Android Expert

    It's inbetween, speck cases for other phones like the note 2 feel uber slick, this is not as slick, and won't scratch and show like a shiny case.

    It's not hard, but it's not as rubbery as the internal grey stuff which is uber rubbery. I hope my terms are good enough, lulz. Just get to a VZW corp store and check it out, but even the manager took like 20 minutes trying to find them, but they were on an opposite side retail display for some reason, lulz.

    Then again FPR sticker is all that's really needed :D:D
  6. TheyCallMeBT

    TheyCallMeBT Android Enthusiast

    Ok, so what does Бyht kиcok mean? Google translator couldn't come up with anything and now I'm curious! :)
  7. goft20

    goft20 Lurker

    What cases do you guys use, and what case in the market do you think is the best?
  8. tastycaramel

    tastycaramel Guest

    Currently, I am not using any case on my S4. However, I have been considering buying the S View Cover but it is quite costly.
  9. Flyguy94

    Flyguy94 Well-Known Member

    I have a slim armor on mine now but just ordered an Otterbox commuter. The slim armor is nice but the cutout for the micro USB is uncomfortable on my pinkie when I hold it one handed and the Otterbox has a rubber plug that fills the gap.
  10. syntrix

    syntrix Android Expert

    It's a Russian girl band that made headlines everywhere. That's about all I'm going to say, as the translation may not be safe for everyone. But everyone that has heard the story, knows the face, and the word free, one of the other words is riot :D:D
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  11. Bandaid

    Bandaid Android Enthusiast

    I'm enjoying the OtterBox, using it without the clip. No worries about scratching the phone :) and it really doesnt add enough bulk to make it feel big.
  12. TheyCallMeBT

    TheyCallMeBT Android Enthusiast

    Ah yes, I know exactly what you're talking about! ;)
  13. rvltn123

    rvltn123 Lurker

    For what it's worth: I bought this case from Amazon a couple days ago. It is called LUVVITT
  14. syntrix

    syntrix Android Expert

  15. RoadRunnerSS

    RoadRunnerSS Newbie

    Does anyone here have the Otterbox Defender case?
  16. speedlever

    speedlever Android Enthusiast

    I had the Defender on a Note 2. I didn't like it as it was too large and clunky, the power button was extremely hard to push and the effort required to push it caused the case to flex and make creaking sounds. Also I didn't care for the built-in screen protector that, while well designed and executed, still left me with a double touch feeling that was disconcerting.

    I'm curious if the OBD on the GS4 has the same issues?
  17. veggie59

    veggie59 Newbie

    My buttons on the Slim Armor work fine too. I just don't like the color. I got metal slate. It looked like a dark teal in pics. ... but is more of a dark gray black. Boring. I need to find something more interesting.
  18. shmn

    shmn Android Enthusiast

    I'm using this case. I work in a severe environment so I need all the protection I can get plus I like the belt clip. I read the issue about the screen protector but I haven't noticed any problem at all. The power button is hard to press, but I use the home button to turn the screen on and use a "Screen Off" widget to turn it off. So the only time I press the power button is to turn the phone completely off or on. Plus the belt clip can act as a kickstand (I do a lot of reading using the Kindle app).

    Overall, I like the case as it gives good protection. It is bulky and turns the sleek GS4 into something a little thicker and boxier.
    But solid protection comes at a price. There are plenty of sleeker cases out there but if you are looking for durability and protection, then the Defender is a good option.
  19. RoadRunnerSS

    RoadRunnerSS Newbie

    I just ordered the Otterbox Defender a few hours ago. Like you, I work out in the field in extreme conditions and I need my phone to be protected. I also have the Platinum case which is great because it keeps the slim feel of the S4 and I also have the Spigen Neo Hybrid which is very nice, but it makes the phone feel way to wide. Since I got the Otterbox I will be returning the Platinum case.
  20. jls7299

    jls7299 Lurker

    I love the look of the s view cover and want one really bad. I refuse to spend 60 bucks on a phone case though, and being 60 dollars puts it out of range for the 50% registration coupon.

    I plan on buying on off a third party supplier, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of where to buy it from? I see them online for 35 but am scared of getting a cheap knock off.

    Thank You so much. I'm a noob to the site.
    Juliet Simmons
  21. shaunyjames

    shaunyjames Newbie

    I picked up a knock off S view from eBay for
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  22. bobby2478

    bobby2478 Android Enthusiast

    I got the Spigen Slim Armor in black and i think it's an excellent case.

    A couple things I noticed are the power/volume buttons are a little hard to press (like others have reported), but that appears to be becoming easier as the case is "broken in" so to speak. The more I exercise and use the buttons, they are becoming easier to press.

    The only other thing is the gloss black hard plastic shell doesn't sit perfectly flush with the TPU inner layer. What I mean by this is I run my finger from the top of the case on the TPU layer, down towards the bottom and when my finger transitions to the gloss black plastic layer I can feel a very slight raised edge. Meaning the hard plastic layer is very slightly sticking up higher than the TPU layer. It's very minimal and isn't a big deal at all. I also notice the same on the bottom seam, although it isn't as pronounced as on the top seam.

    Curious what others cases are like? Does anyone else feel this slight raised edge feel, or is it perfectly smooth/flush?

    Note the seam fits perfectly, no gaps between the 2 pieces whatsover. I'm only talking about the hard plastic layer sticking out a hair past the TPU layer.
  23. Tsepz_GP

    Tsepz_GP Android Enthusiast

    I'm using a Case•Mate Barely There hard cover, its got a sort of lite rubbery grippy feel and gives my GS4 a "stealthy" look as I've got a Black Mist one, here are some pics, got it for R219 (around $27) and I'm very happy with it:



    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Android Enthusiast

    I haven't seen anyone post any pics or talk a whole lot about the UAG Cases,
    so I thought I'd post a few quick pics and give my opinion.

    I got mine over the weekend and couldn't be happier with it.
    It fits like a glove, and the build quality of this case is great!
    I like how this Hybrid Style Case is a one solid piece that you don't have to mess with layering or worrying about something coming undone or popping off. I personally hate that really cheap feeling, soft silicone wrap that alot of the manufacturers use. That stuff wears and stretches over time like an old sock, and is nothing but a filthy LINT MAGNET imo. This case isn't like that at all.

    It feels very solid in the hand, all buttons are still very easy to push, and all openings for the ports are large enough to accommodate your plugs.
    I also think that the separation of flash and camera holes was a great idea to avoid glare, and like the added depth to them so you don't have to worry so much about the lens getting scratched. I kind of wish the lip around the screen was a bit thicker, but I think thats just me being a little nit-picky. The lip is very solid and not flimsy at all.

    The best part about this case to me is how thin it keeps the GS4,
    while still being a solid enough build to provide good protection for the moderate user. If I were going for a rigorous outing somewhere, I would probably feel better with a Ballistic SG Maxx on my phone...
    but for most users that don't abuse the hell out of their devices this UAG Case should do just fine.....
    At least it will for me.:)
    and if I really don't want to have to worry about things in an outdoor element situation, I'll just take my G'Zone Commando instead! ;)

    Another thing I should mention about this case is the texture.
    When you look at the pictures on UAG's website, this case looks very smooth and slick. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this wasn't the way it actually is. I'm not gonna BS anyone and say this case has awesome textured grip because it doesn't....but it's not as slippery as it looks in their pictures. My pics are more accurate. Your welcome UAG! :rolleyes:

    Last but not least.
    UAG doesn't make holsters for these cases, at least not yet.
    So I have a real treat for you all.....
    I bought this crappy a$$ case on ebay while I was waiting for my GS4 to arrive. I just wanted to have something to slap on it until I figured out which case I really wanted to invest in.
    The case itself is just like I said...Crappy.
    BUT it comes with a Belt Clip Holster that is actually built Very Well.
    It just so happens that the GS4 wrapped in the UAG Case fits PERFECTLY inside this Holster!!! (SCREEN FACING INWARD ONLY THOUGH)
    Hope this helps someone else, heres the link:
    [​IMG]Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Black Case Cover Belt Clip Holster Stand Screen Film | eBay
    I bought the kind that came with a screen protector, if you don't care about that, you can save a few more dollars if you look around.
    Either way...not bad at all for a good holster that fits with the UAG!

    I personally don't wear a belt clip holster,
    but needed one for the hook in my Jeep to attach my GS4 to.
    This works great!





  25. syntrix

    syntrix Android Expert

    So how good are these cases?

    Dropped mine in the incipio I posted earlier from about 5 feet onto my hardwood floors on accident.

    WOW, talk about a freaky feeling on a brand new phone :mad:

    Looked at it and it had lines all over the front... oh wait those were some dog hairs that stuck stuck to the front of the phone.

    incipio (dual something or other) from VZW saved the day! Zero damage at all! Awesome! :D:D

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