Galaxy S5 Backplate and Cases


Oct 20, 2014
Hello everyone,

I am new on these forums and I just wanted some input on where everyone finds their designed back-plates for their phone. I am trying to find a very pop artsy one, or a graffiti like one but I have had no luck.

On another note, I was also hoping to find a case for my wife's phone. She used to be an iphone user and loves the android system; however, she hates the cheap plastic look and feel of the phone, and prefers something squarish, like the iphone itself. Any suggestions? Thanks! :)
Try looking on amazon and ebay. I have an otterbox case for this phone but found some nice cases there for my phones before this. Mary
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I'm using the Realtree camo Otterbox Defender case for my S5.

Bought my daughter the pink camo Realtree Otterbox Defender case for her S4.

Got them both from Amazon.