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Galaxy S5 Call Speaker

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Cameron354, Mar 17, 2016.

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    I bought a Galaxy S5 secondhand on ebay. So far I am happy with it but I've got a question about the external speaker at the top of the phone (the one that is used for calls), above the Samsung logo. One side of it is slightly pushed into the phone. This doesn't really bother me as it's just cosmetic and doesn't affect the call quality. However, I am worried that this may affect the water resistant nature of the phone, as there may be a little gap so it might not be fully sealed.

    I have included some images to demonstrate what I mean:

    Will this affect the water resistant nature of the phone?

    On the ebay advert it was advertised as immaculate - although as you can see it isn't. However, I feel that it was a good price and the screen and everything else is perfect with no scratches, so I think I'll keep it. Do you think this minor problem will affect re-sale value much if I decide to change phone in the future?

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  2. Hard to say whether it would affect the water resistance, I would not suggest testing it. ;)
    If you have available a small pick with a point fine enough to get into those holes (and you trust yourself to use it) you could try using the end hole to gently pull the grille back up into position. Or, just leave it alone and not worry about it.
    As for potential resale value, probably not a big deal unless the potential buyer is very sensitive about such things.
  3. AZgl1500

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    IMO, it is just totally ridiculous to "water test" a "water Resistant" device....

    they are NOT Water Proof.... they will resist splashing, but they will NOT survive a good solid under water dunking..... despite a few reports of taking them swimming: <= STUPID!

    I have two S5 phones, both have been "splashed on" at the kitchen sink, etc.....
    neither has a problem....
    that grill on the speaker, IMO, is nothing to worry about. the water resistant feature is behind the speaker itself. And that 'feature' is why the S5 audio is so damn weak.... the water proof cones are too stiff to reproduce sound adequately.

    My Note 4 is ten times louder than either of my S5 phones. but, it don't have claims of being 'water proof'.
  4. Cameron354

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    Thanks for your answer. No I'm not wanting to water test it or anything, I'd just like to feel a little bit more reassured that it is more likely to survive a splash or a quick exposure to water.
  5. AZgl1500

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    I would say that if you dunked it in the toilet and grabbed it back out fast, it will most likely survive just fine.

    I would swirl it around in my hand real fast to try and "throw out" any water that might have gotten into the jacks.
    but, I doubt the speaker is an issue.

    I would also use a vacuum cleaner to lightly suck out any moisture that might have gotten in the jacks....

    if, you dunked it pretty good. pull the back off, remove all parts: SIM, SD card, battery.....
    place it all in a gallon bag of fresh White Rice and seal it up tight: Freezer Zip Lock bags are good.

    or, you can place it in front of a convection oven at a low temp and dry it out. I have had great success with that:

    * How to remove moisture - Tips So it got WET !!!

    * How to Remove Moisture from a Phone

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