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I have a galaxy s5 mini factory unlock. But no work whit red metroPCS. ?Heeelp


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More information needed. What carrier was it originally bought from (or was it imported, if so from where)? This is to help judge whether it's compatible with your carrier. The second question is what happens when you insert the SIM/try to activate it? Any messages that might give a clue as to what isn't working?

Remember that we only know what you tell us, so the more you tell us the more chance someone will be able to help.
It does not belong to any company. It is supposed to be factory unlocked. When you turn any message does not appear provider company. By putting the sim MetroPCS does not send any message, I try to configure the network but I get a message saying you can not log into the network when I choose the MetroPCS network.
To use an unlocked/non-Metro phone on MetroPCS, you have to call their customer service to register the IMEI of the phone and the serial # of the SIM card.
And as Hadron said you also need to check the specs for the phone to be sure it has the correct bands to be compatible with Metro.