Galaxy S5 model SM-G900A stuck auto start loop

I have a factory unlocked Galaxy S5 model SM-G900A phone stuck in an auto start loop. When I start the phone it shows the large Samsung logo, followed up with another colored rainbow around a smaller Samsung log, then I get the "Android is Starting, starting apps", then it just reloops with the latter colored Samsung log with "Android is Starting, starting apps" and continues in this auto loop.
Yesterday I tried so many suggestions and it is just very frustrating that nothing has worked to solve this. One suggestion was to flash the phone. I went to Samsung's webiste, plugged the phone in with the USB cable and was following this person's video only to get the "your device is not supported" message!
I have tried at least 10 of the suggestions (recovery mode, wiping the cache, downloading mode, etc.) with the power button, volume up & down buttons, home screen button as well as replacing the battery but nothing has worked so far. The power button doesn't appear to be stuck, the battery contact points freely move and there is no movement at the bottom of the battery. I have found various software's such as dr.fone but do not see the United States SN-G900A model in any of them. I do not want to lose any data by doing a FACTORY RESET. The phone is protected with a 4 digit pin. Since the phone is locked, I cannot check the box to enable USB debugging. As a result I am not able to view the phone contents either when I connect the phone with a USB cable to my computer.
Any suggestions on what I can do to fix the auto start loop and to recover my data files are greatly appreciated. Thank you!!


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well you will need to make a choice, either have a working phone but your data will be lost or do not have a working phone in which you will need to get a working phone and you still will not have your data from the old phone.

this is kind of a lose lose situation.


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Thank you for your reply.

I am hoping there is someone out there that does have a program that will allow me to put in my password and be able to transfer my data. Then I could do a factory reset on this phone.
I have the same Samsung model arriving in 2 days that I bought on eBay that I can transfer my data from a previous phone that I cracked my screen on. This phone is about 1.5 years older. Fortunately most of my files are on a SD card. But there will be some loss from contacts and some other files. It could have been a lot worse if all of this data was on this phone!

If this taught me one thing, it is to do regular backups just like I do on my desktop computer!

Any suggestions on the best Android backup plan or software?


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
nope sorry there is no such program that exists that way. i would also be very leary of any program that says they can do it, especially those that cost money. they are most likely ripping you off.