Galaxy S5 won't update to 6.0

When I try to update my galaxy S5 (G900M) I can't update OTA because I was rooted, so I went to smart switch to try to update, I had USB debugging on and also had it as a media device so everything was fine and it said I could update. After going through the confirmation it says downloading software update components and it's really fast and then after it's done it shows a window for Admin Delegator so I accept it and then smart switch just freezes. I don't know why but it just freezes also the phone doesn't do anything it just stays on and never turns off.
Capture 2.PNG
This last image looks like the 1st one but it just freezes there
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In Smart Switch, click on the More tab in upper right corner. Select Software Update and Initialization. Follow the prompts to input your model number and SN.
Connect to PC with phone in download mode.
Smart Switch will download and install the latest correct firmware based on your model number and SN.
Real picky on how you enter the information. Should be exactly as what is on the sticker under the battery.


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I haven't updated it yet because im downloading the firmware whice takes a while but I think this is the right info

product code is SM-G900MZKATTT


country of origin made in vetnam

PDA version is G900MUBU1BOJ2

CSC version is G900MUUB1BOJ2