Galaxy S7 notification sounds all screwy.


Saturday I went through and put custom notification sounds for my contacts using Zedge. Well, as soon as I was done I started getting the custom sounds for EVERYTHING, not just my contacts. Plus, the contacts that I DIDN'T give a custom sound to are now getting the custom sounds too. What gives?


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Zedge is a nice website/ app.... However,
I abandoned it when things went South, as your issues...
Too many bugs and glitches.
I ended up making my own Ringtones and notifications for contacts and never looked back


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Is it possible that when you used Zedge to set the ringtone you selected "always" when/if it asked you to use it as the default?


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Just go into SETTINGS then App Notification and set the individual tone you want for that particular app. You can also add music to app notifications too if you want.