Help Galaxy S8 is not working the way it was described


My wife and I we got two new galaxy s8 phones on May 30, 2017. It is our first smart phone. Before we got basic phones. Our granddaughter, she will be soon a teenager, has the iphone for several years and very familiar with smartphones functions and their settings. She was very excited when she took our phones in her hands and start setting them up and play with them. She told us that the iphone does a lot of different things, but s8 does much more and she likes this phone very much. She constantly helped us to deal with everyday functions of the phone. One week pass and her attitude toward the s8 phones changed. She told that she doesn’t like this phone. It is not responsive and not user friendly. It is difficult to deal with. Sometimes it responds in the way you expected, but often it does unexpected responses or not responds and all. At that times it is difficult to get from the phone what you want. Sometimes it chooses black mode and need to tap a dozen times or more to light it up. Also, Bixby is not offers any help. When we press Bixby button the name is appear and the description of what it can do, but isn’t reacting on any command. It doesn’t talk either. The google assistance some time coming up (not every time) and asking what help do we need but that where its help ends. If we ask for help or trying to call it by saying “Google OK” it has no reaction. I wonder is it only we experience such difficulties or some body else? Are we doing something wrong, or not doing something that need to do?


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I think you just need to understand some of the nuances and features of your device.

First, with the Galaxy S series with the edge screen (rounded corners), it's very easy when holding it to accidentally touch the screen on the sides with your hand and that confuses the screen as to what was actually touched. It might be the problem with responsiveness.

Bixby, in my opinion, is not ready for prime time and it will conflict with 'Okay Google'. If you go into your app drawer, you should see an app listed simply as "Google". Open that up and got to settings (the three dots in the upper left) and select 'voice'. There you can make sure your phone is listening for 'Okay Google'

I'm not sure what you mean my 'black mode'. If you mean the phone screen goes dark, then that's just going to sleep and touching the screen should wake it up. If your fingers are cold or dry, it might not register the touch right away. You can change how long it takes to go to sleep.

If you mean it becomes black and white only, that called 'reader mode' for those who read books on their phone. Not sure how to turn that off on the S8.


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Thank you for encouraging reply. We are not exports in smartphone functions and will try to learn the way it should work. By black mode I mean that the phone is going to sleep and sometimes it is very hard to wake it up. We'll try to use google assistant as you advised. Is there any eta for Bixby to start working?