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Galaxy/Stock android on behold 2 - It flies!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kam187, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. AlphaDomingo

    AlphaDomingo Newbie

    Yes that was it, it totally recognizes it. BUT one part I don't understand. After you reboot you are now galaxy, right? So when I try to do the Mms.apk I can no longer get into PC studio mode and adb devices brings up nothing. How do I shell in when I'm in galaxy mode so I can get the Mms updated? Thanks.

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  2. paul89

    paul89 Android Expert

    you have to toggle the debugging mode
  3. several

    several Member

    You're most welcome. Glad you're off and running...
  4. AlphaDomingo

    AlphaDomingo Newbie

    Ok, got everything running, finally, after three days, and it's beautiful. Thank you kam and company, it's pretty amazing. A couple htings to help those starting out...

    1. I used Unlockr.com to help guide the adb process.
    2. The hardest thing, for me, was to get the computer to recognize it when you "adb devices". Three things to do when in Touchwiz, A. USB debug, B. Unmount USB, 3. (MOST IMPORTANT) go to settings and under storage, I think, there is a selection for USB mass storage, select this to Samsung PC studio mode. That was what I was missing.
    3. Instead of copying the "blocks", which I did the 2nd time I tried and it messed up, try copying line by line individually hitting enter after each line.
    4. Take your time after hitting enter, some of the lines a program happens and you don't want to overwrite something.
    5. After the reboot do the factory reset
    6. Since you did a factory reset you have to go in and do the usb debug and dont mount all over again. AND go to Settings>About Phone>Additional Settings>mass storage only.
    7. Do the Mms and go slowly again, then reboot again to be safe.

    Thanks again from :Dthe noobiest noob, these 7+ pages helped a TON.
  5. Bugdog

    Bugdog Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing that--I'm as noob as they come to hacking (and Android) but I'm hoping to do this soon myself. The community is vital--and in the case of the BH2, all too small...
  6. Gbear

    Gbear Newbie

    Would there be anybody willing to help me do this I tried once and I thought I messed up my phone.So im very unsure about this.Any help would be appreciated.
  7. fallenturtle

    fallenturtle Well-Known Member

    Are we still without vibrate?

    Those of you who were having weird mounting/unmounting issues with the SD card, once going with the galaxy rom, do you still have this issue?
  8. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Android Enthusiast

    Vibrate is still not working. However the Mounting/unmounting issues with the SD with the original behold program is now gone!! :)
  9. fallenturtle

    fallenturtle Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear about the SD card issues... while I was originally going to wait until 2.0 to root, I think I may just go with it as soon as vibrate is working.

    What's the deal with the camera? With the default app, do we still have control over the flash, focusing rules, and that stuff? Are there any good 3rd party camera apps that can take the place of the factory one?
  10. nogdolan

    nogdolan Newbie

    My mounting and dismounting of the SD card is still happening, not quite as much, I am rooted and have the Galaxy ROM on my phone...
  11. alexis229

    alexis229 Lurker

    This seems pretty self explanatory but would someone mind helping me out with this? I've never flashed/rooted an android and don't want to brick the phone... any assistace would be awesome!
  12. mikenick42

    mikenick42 Member

    alexis, Your best bet is probably going to be joining the irc channel and asking for help there. Click "Chat Live!" above and type /j #behold2 or use your favorite irc client and join #behold2. With help from the folks there I was able to get it rooted and flashed in ~10 minutes.
  13. behold_this

    behold_this Android Expert

    i already have persistent root and busybox installed on my b2. i'm thinkin bout loading up the galaxy image, but i am curious, are there parts of this process that i can skip because i have already done these two things? i'd like to streamline the process. thanx for any help.
  14. Gbear

    Gbear Newbie

    How long does the odin process take it is on the android screen after the odin reboot and it just seems like it is taking to long please help any info will be greatly appreciated

    Nevermind its fixed
  15. Gbear

    Gbear Newbie

    I get a permission denied when I try to install the mms apk can somebody help.
  16. Notahotshot

    Notahotshot Member

    Ok before I get started on this do I need to root my phone first following the steps in the persistent root thread first...


    ...or does the first few blocks of code in this thread accomplish doing that?

    I have been considering rooting my phone but hadn't because I had not decided to dl any apps yet that needed it. Now I will root to be able to use this rom and get the speed out of this phone. I just need to know if I need to do the steps in the first thread before this one. It doesn't seem so but wanted to verify.

    "I'm a novice not a n00b!"
    "What's the difference?"
  17. Gbear

    Gbear Newbie

    This is amazing I finnally got it working total noobie to android.What has been posted here works you just have to take your time and read.I am still trying to install mms.apk and getting a permission denied I really need my messaging to work by tommorow. any help would be appreciated.Thanks again.

    NevermindI was able to install the mms.apk using the app installer from the market.Again thanks to all who have spent many hours developing this and making it work.I will continue to read and learn.Look forward to more updates.
  18. mirandamber30

    mirandamber30 Lurker

    SO I have had issue after issue with the behold 2, dont spend as much time on the forums as I would like, but this week, I have had to have T mobile send me 2 replacement phones due to some minor issues. Needless to say, I have 3 behold 2's in my possession right now.

    Anyone willing to help me turn one of these into a galaxy?!?!

    I saw someone talking about helping remotely, (which I would need to have any chanve of pulling this off.

    What do you say?
  19. dfellars

    dfellars Newbie

    Has any noticed how the B2 with Galaxy Rom tends to slow down over time, pending a reboot? Is it possible there is a memory leak somewhere?
  20. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Android Enthusiast

    That is something inherent to Android 1.5 where apps stayed in memory.

    A msg to the moderator: I think this thread has gotten way too big to be of use, maybe make a new static thread that lists all the current steps(A noob's guide would be nice, including a list of things that dont work yet) to flash BH2 to Galaxy rom and link to this thread for discussion.
  21. dfellars

    dfellars Newbie

    Is this Android or Windows Mobile :D
  22. paul89

    paul89 Android Expert

    are you freaking serious, is this site called "windowsforums" lmao
  23. chadmd23

    chadmd23 Android Enthusiast

    Hey you can't blame Android, they fixed the problems, it's Samsung who won't give it to us!
  24. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation

    So far I can't get the camera and music player to work. It says not responding and gives me a force close/wait option.

    Also when I go to sound & display the ringer and media volume settings are doing the same thing.

    Other than that, everything else works fine.

    Is there a fix for this?

    BTW - I did a factory reset (twice)
  25. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation

    arrrrggh ... I'm hung up on ODIN multidownloader again

    I followed every step correctly but it just stalls during download.

    Need HELP to get this going

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