Help Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Unexpectedly Laggy

My dad bought my mother a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for Christmas and I've had a quick play with it. She has barely installed any apps and is running the tablet almost stock standard at present. My experience is with my iPad and my brother's Nexus 7, and I have to say the Samsung Galaxy is extremely laggy. Scrolling accross screens happens at a very low framerate, and scrolling inside the Chrome browser is sticky and jumpy and generally laggy and unsatisfying.

Is this normal? It feels like modern hardware shouldn't be this laggy and it's extremely disappointing for me because I recommended this tablet over a similarly priced iPad, and now I feel like she should have just gone for the Apple device. Is there anything that can be done to fix this? (And no, I wont be rooting or doing anything like that).


Android Expert
Make sure Power Saving is Off. Also you might consider another browser. Chrome for Android kinda sucks.

Hoity Toity

same thing happened with my friend who bought it.
They had it for a day and immediately returned it for an iPad.
I still repulse at them for choosing apple over android when they could have just got the 7".
I have the same (?) issue on my Tab 2 7.0. When I switch pages it lags for like half a second or so. I have 3 pages and widgets are active on 2 of them: the weather one on the main page and the mp3 player + facebook (small) one on the second page. Might be related?