Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Student Edition already in store! (YMMV)


Nov 7, 2010
I was at my local Best Buy this morning a noticed they had the recently reported Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Student Edition in their steel cage. I asked them for a price and it rung up at the reported $249 price and they let me purchase it with no issue.


Short Unboxing: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Student Edition - Unboxing - YouTube
The back is like on skyrocket? Shiny smooth plastic?

Good deal though

I can't compare it to the skyrocket as I have never seen one in person, but yes it's fairly shiny and smooth plastic. Which is ok to me since I think a rubbery white back may be more prone to discoloring.
Wow! Still on sale at BB. No student restrictions. Going to pick it up tomorrow. Includes the $20 USB Host adapter that takes USB anything including memory sticks out of the box. No rooting like Nexus 7. An HDMI adapter is available if you want it. I was considering the Nexus 7. I have a Galaxy Nexus Verizon phone which has the now free hotspot app installed to provide Wi-Fi to the tab anywhere.
I got the bundle this pass Monday and I am really loving it a lot!!! Barely have put it down!

I got the same bundle on Tues and have barely put it down. Sometimes it's easier to have the smaller tablet instead of the 10". Previously I was using the SGP 5.0 but traded it in at Best Buy.
I'm using the usb connecter for my wireless mouse. Very nice setup. I originally purchased a Nexus 7 from Office Depot but ended up returning it the same day due to the screen lifting. Then I found out about the GT2 Student Edition at Best Buy. I am sooooo happy that I ended up with this one instead. It's a great tablet and the keyboard and usb adapter are so nice! Not to mention, it's very nice looking. Reminds me of the SG3 as far as style and color. :)
wow very nice and its white =/ I wanted a white Tab 2 lol

I'll be honest, ever since my very first white "i" device I've wanted nothing but white phones and tablets. Prior to the original Evo I can't recall Sprint carrying white phones. If they did it was probably something I wasn't interested in.

When they did come out with the white Evo I was heated because I already had the black. If Sprint had a history of sporting phones in both colors at launch I would've gotten white launch day.

Even with tablets, if they're black I'm not interested in them regardless of specs. When I saw this tablet announced I knew without a doubt that a Best Buy somewhere had one with my name all over it.

Maybe it's me but white phones and tablets stand out and just look rich. :D