Galaxy tab 2 vs Galaxy tab 3.

Hello everyone, just wondering if I should buy a galaxy tab 3 or stick to galaxy tab 2. ty in advance.


Spacecorp test pilot
What do you want that the current one doesn't do? What about the Tab 3 appeals?

Without know something about your requirements it's very hard to answer.


The Doctor
For the 7inch versions, specs are pretty much the same, except that the Tab 3 has been updated to 4.4.2, and AFAIK the Tab 2 had it last at 4.3. Also the screen is bigger. Well they're both 7inches, but the Tab 3 has no onscreen controls so you have full use of the screen.

However in terms of performance you won't see any difference. I'd stick with the Tab 2 since the benefits don't justify the cost. Unless perhaps you meant the 8inch version which has superior hardware. However, my recommendation would be to skip the 3rd generation and go for the Tab 4 instead. Whatever your usage, it will be a better use of money.


The Doctor
Well, actually, same thing. The 10.1inch versions of the Tab 2 and 3 are virtually the same except for the updated software on the 3, as well as the off screen buttons. Interestingly, the 8inch Tab3 has better specs than the 10.1inch version. So same argument. Stick to the Tab 2 you currently have, or get a Tab 4. From what I understood, you already own a Tab 2 right?