Galaxy Tab 3-worse picture than Note 2?


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I'm just wondering. I'm not looking for uber 1080 imagery on a 5.5 screen such as my Note 2, or a 7 inch one. If I was going 10 inch maybe I'd start wanting a image upgrade, but, I have to ask, for simple movie watching/streaming, how is the Tab 3? Please note, I'm looking at the Sprint version if that helps.


I recently purchased the tab 3 10.1 to add to my galaxy family..I have been streaming episodes of dexter on it and the quality is absolutely amazing.


I havent experienced anything on the 7in.but regardless of the network the software should be the same.and its also a galaxy product.they normally dont get a bad review when it comes to its screen clarity


The Doctor
Well, keep in mind the Tab 3 7 inch has worse resolution on a bigger screen than your phone (1024x600 on 7in screen, 169PPI), but personally it doesn't matter to me. It's still got better resolution than the laptop I watch videos on (1355x768 on a 14 inch screen, 114PPI), so it's a crisper image. Only thing is it's rather small.