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Galaxy Tab and my Mac

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rm2092, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. rm2092

    rm2092 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Is there a program that will sync all my photos from my Mac to the Tab and maybe my music also ?


  2. rm2092

    rm2092 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Know one here has a answer for this ?
  3. antnyp85

    antnyp85 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried using the Samsung Kies software?? It lets you sync music, photos, videos, etc with your tab. I used it to sync over some movies. I have a Macbook Pro and it worked fine.
  4. rm2092

    rm2092 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Does that come with the Tab or do I need to download the software ? I have not bought the Tab yet, most likely after work today so just getting a head start on what I need ?
  5. himupnorth

    himupnorth Lurker

    Don't expect much out of the box and Samsung seem to want to hide any relevant info that helps you to get your TAB talking to anything!

    I am two days in and have used Google and these forums to glean any useful info to get things going.

    I have downloaded Kies from Samsung which will talk to your Tab and sync music, photos and video although I cannot seem to find a video format that both Kies and the Tab agree are suitable.

    I have also downloaded double twist which imports (and updates if you request it) from your ITunes. Sadly it will not talk to the Tab via USB so you need to buy an Air-sync app from the Android Market. I have not done this yet as I want confirmation that at least one other tab 10.1 user has had success with this.

    Other things you will need for the Tab:
    Touchdown if using Exchange email. Samsung client is crap and will not work after initial sync.
    Probably will dump Social Hub app as it does not show "notifications".

    It is a journey........
  6. antnyp85

    antnyp85 Well-Known Member

    Sorry for late reply, hadn't had a chance to sign on. You need to download the software from the Samsung site. Once you download it, open it up, and it's pretty self explanatory. You can have it sync pics, videos, music, etc. You can select individual files, or a folder, etc. Also, take a look at the manual online on the Samsung website. It is available to view online or download. Good luck!
  7. rm2092

    rm2092 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So far Kies really sucks, photos import all funky looking and videos just lock up my video player, I have the latest version installed so now what do I do ?
    What happend to the old way when I had my 7" tab and pluged it in I would just drop my files in folders and that was it.
  8. Cyo

    Cyo Lurker

    I agree that the whole experience of syncing the tab 10.1 with a mac completely sucks. I now use an ssh daemon on the tab and rsync, which works smoothly, but it's not so easy to install unless you have a unix background.
  9. rm2092

    rm2092 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Any one else, I'll give it the 30 day trial and if this is not resolved I guess I'll have to go back to my iPad ?
  10. rm2092

    rm2092 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I called Samsung today and there service tech told me not to use there Kie's.
    This is what he said to do, go to applications and select development and check the Debug box and the last box and leave the middle one unchecked at all times, then shut down your tab and turn it back on. If that does not work then uncheck all three and then shut down and restart the tab, he said it was important to shut it down every time you make a change like this and also this method is for your Mac to see the MTP USB and mount the devise. When I get off work in a few hours I'll try iy out my self, I hope I maid sense here ?
  11. UTR

    UTR Newbie


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