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Support Galaxy Tab without SIM card slot

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rkleen, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. rkleen

    rkleen Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I've been looking for a way to unlock the Samsung Galaxy Tab and use it outside US (in Mexico)

    I bought the Sprint version on BestBuy and then I look for an application that is FastGSM.com

    This page show exactly what I need to unlocked and use it, but found something that I didn't realize at first.... that my Sprint Galaxy Tab has no SIM card slot!

    So... this solution is not a solution at all because I can't just install the software and change the SIM...

    I've read a little more and found that this device does not use SIM because it uses CDMA.

    So... Is there a way I can use this unlocked tablet with a local (MX) carrier?



  2. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Android Expert

    Even if you managed to unlock it, how on earth do you plan to use it on another carrier without a sim card slot? If you are not going to use 3G at all while in Mexico, you won't need to unlock it.
  3. HamakiBCN

    HamakiBCN Newbie

    Outside US you'll only be able to use WiFi. There's absolutely nothing you can do to use your cell connectivity in mexico, or in any other country for that matter, with of course the exception of the US.

    You see, while Sprint and Verizon use the CDMA technology, AT&T, Tmo, and pretty much every other single carrier in the world uses GSM technology. Both technologies are incompatible to each other, not just because GSM uses Simcards (which CDMA devices obiously lack) but the actual radio transceivers are also incompatible.

    Also, the page you mention is totally useless to you, since it tells how to unlock GSM phones, not CDMA ones -you can't really unlock CDMA phones anyway, that's why they don't have SIM cards in the first place-.

    So your only option might be to get a MiFi device (a GSM one!). That would provide a portable WiFi Hotspot around you.

    Next time you buy a cellphone, if you plan to use it internationally, get a GSM one.
  4. rkleen

    rkleen Lurker
    Thread Starter

    The MiFi option will fit my needs...
  5. HamakiBCN

    HamakiBCN Newbie

    Then if you're going to use a MiFi under a US carrier (again,a GSM one) in Mexico, keep in mind that Data roaming is very, very expensive (much more than using that same plan inside the US). So it should be ok to check the mail and very light browsing for a couple of days, but if you're going to stay in Mexico for a while, you really want to get some prepaid Simcard with a local carrier ASAP.
  6. josephsotelo

    josephsotelo Lurker

    yes you can use it . it is called iusacel its basically verizon wireless. the have 4g coverage it will cost you around 30 dollars to get 3g coverage for unlimited mb a month
  7. mashruf

    mashruf Lurker

    Hi guyz, I am having exactly having same problem and I am frm Bangladesh. Mifi device will serve my need, but it is a extra botheration.
    There are CDMA operators in my country. If I could unlocked it from verizon they say they can configure the tab to use under their network. Now the question is how to unlock from verizon. I talked to verizon, they say they won't unlock it for me. N.B: the device is good ESN.

    Thanks for your any help.
  8. kolosus

    kolosus Android Expert

    Hi mashruf. I'm from Bangladesh too... But I'm in the USA currently.

    Anyway. The thing is that once you leave the USA with the Verizon tablet it is not a problem of unlocking the device anymore. The problem is getting the CDMA provider in Bangladesh to "send" service to the device. Not sure about data but calling is probably not going to work. Can you get data only to your device? Here in the USA CDMA carriers will only allow service to devices that they have in their own database. Meaning you cannot take a Sprint branded phone to Verizon and vice versa because the phone's MEID doesn't exist in the other company's database. Carriers like MetroPCS and Cricket will allow "injection" of foreign MEIDs into their network... but that process is dying out slowly as the carriers are putting out more high end phones. So the question is that will the carrier in Bangladesh allow such insertion into their database... or do they not do such a thing?

    Another problem. I'm aware that there are 3-4 bands in CDMA and verizon uses a certain one. Not sure which. If the carrier in BD doesn't use the same band then you might not be able to get service regardless if they send it to you because your device might not have the necessary antenna to pick up the signal. What band does your device use? What band does the CDMA carrier in Bangladesh use? Phonescoop.com will help you with your Tab. As for the carrier in BD, you're on your own.

    Where are you currently? BD? USA? Africa?!?

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