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galaxy vs. frost

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pikacz, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. pikacz

    pikacz Guest
    Thread Starter

    hi guys
    today for the first time in many weeks on XXII5 firmware my galaxy turned itself off. it happened quite often when i had XXIFF, like 2-3 times a day. it turned off and i had to remove the battery for a couple of seconds (today i didn't have to). i didn't yet mention that today it happened while i was outside and it was freezing, -5 celsius or even colder:) phone was in my pocket. did you experience something similar? the battery was 50% charged, and when i turned the phone on it was still 50%

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  2. arielf

    arielf Lurker

    i am on K4 and mine turned itself off once so far. i used to have I5 and never experienced any issues. so far only one minor isolated incident, it may have been due to some apps i downloaded. i don't think it's related to the new firmware. will keep an eye on it !

    i am in austria and we're at -9 celsius at the moment! so far my galaxy is up and running :)
  3. Terry

    Terry Newbie

    I'm on II4 and mine turns off every few days at least. I'm not sure if it's an app or the firmware. The only way to get it back on is battery in/out, then the normal power button to turn it back on.
  4. Xenon

    Xenon Well-Known Member

    I used it today while it was -15 in the morning to -4 in the noon (celsius).
    Had to reboot once because camera froze, but I don't think it's temperature
  5. Bomberman

    Bomberman Android Enthusiast

    If it helps I'm 99% sure it's an app. I used to get shut offs like 3 times a day till I did some housekeeping and made sure all the apps I have are fully updated. I NEVER get shutoffs now (on II4 too).
  6. jthreads

    jthreads Well-Known Member

    I experienced exactly the same issue, I managed to isolate the issue in a period of 5 days uninstalling and re-installing apps until the I found the one causing the shutdown/reboot, the app was DroidLive lite. Since I removed completely(and hard reset) this app, 187 hours since boot have gone so far without shutdown/s or reboot/s
    This clearly proves the issue was due to an app and not a fw.
  7. Bomberman

    Bomberman Android Enthusiast

    Well, it wasn't that app for me, but the point still stands :)
  8. Cougar

    Cougar Android Enthusiast

    When I first got my phone, it switched itself off frequently (once or twice a day). I'm currently running II5 and it's not done it since I upgraded.

    I can't say for sure what the cause is, but I -can- say for certain that it's not anything inherent in the II5 firmware.

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