Jan 10, 2021
Over the last month or so I've noticed that my watch will not sync my gmail anymore. I've turned the watch off and back on again and nothing. Once in a while it works if I disconnect and reconnect using the Wearable app on my Android phone but why should I have to do that whenever I'm out and want to check email? All used to work just fine since I bought both products over a year ago. But now, very frustrating and wondering what's the point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Are you sure it's actually not syncing or simply not notifying you of new email. I have a Fossil smartwatch, so it won't be the exact same as Samsung but I found it very easy to accidentally turn off notifications rather simply dismissing the current ones.
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I don't have notifications set up because I don't need or want to be notified with each new email. But, I do want to see the most recent emails when I open the app, and I don't. Right now I see the same one from 1/08 sitting there and nothing since.
I'll assume you tried the obvious stuff like making sure your apps and OS are up-to-date and rebooting both the watch and your phone. Short of debugging both gmail and the wear app, it might just be easier to reset the watch.
Nothing worked so I had to reset the watch, and now I have to redo my apps and watch face. Frustrating. And, like I mentioned before, this has been happening for the last couple of months but prior to today, I could get mail to update by turning the watch off and on or through the Wearable app. But it's never been this stubborn before. If it keeps happening, I don't know what I'll do. Thanks for trying to help.
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Update: After spending time on chat and on the phone with Samsung, it was determined that I had to send my watch in to them to be looked at. So, they sent me a UPS label, I had to pay an $80 deposit, and it's now with them to determine what's causing the problem and to fix it, assuming the cost will be reasonable.
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