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galaxy y can't start

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hesoyam27, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. hesoyam27

    hesoyam27 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    when i install ics theme on my samsung galaxy y then my phone can't start. it just show s logo. When I try to factory reset, wipe cache but Nothing Happens. Plz help me. (sorry for my bad english.)

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  2. dangerjaison

    dangerjaison Lurker


    Sorry guys - Had been long since I logged in to this forums.

    At the time of writing this post in January, there was nothing as Odin or cwm for this device. So I found a way that could work and bring our galaxy y back.

    You can go to xda forums link given by vonchi182 and download a latest rom for your country and flash via odin.

    If you need your data to be preserved then before flashing:

    1. Download and put this file CWM.zip in your sd card (not in any folder, just sdcard).
    2. Pull off your battery n press vol up key + home key then power key. You'll be in recovery mode in some seconds.
    3. Select apply update from sdcard and select cwm.zip. (Use vol keys to navigate and home key to select) You'll be in a different recovery now.
    4. Select backup and restore
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  3. yureka288

    yureka288 Lurker

    Hello, i have the same problem, after i use a application called Anim Mod and after that it also kept on showing *samsung GALAXY Y Young*

    I just have a question and i really need your help as soon as possible...

    What should i need to do if droid explorer can't detect my phone?

    Why i cant connect my phone to my PC?
  4. Vathsal

    Vathsal Lurker

    I'm also having a similar problem...

    I recently brought Galaxy Y.

    Initially was able to connect to PC via USB.
    Present problem is when connected with USB the phone starts charging , but a device is not detected from PC.:adore:Therefore unable to transfer data from the PC.

    Kies installed , which again doesn't show a device plugged.
    No message in the phone mentioning whether to allow tranfer data in the upper bar.

    Any experties

  5. Remove ur battery and try agn or/and re-install ur kies (uninstall -install AGN) also try with different usb port ........ its some driver problem
  6. SarthyTj

    SarthyTj Lurker

    I also did the same thing .. and Im also facing the same problem .. have U restored ur phone .. If u did pls cud u help me
  7. kharinifyme

    kharinifyme Lurker

    I wonder if I have the same problem as yours. I can turn on my phone but I can't use it. It only shows the SAMSUNG logo and never opens. Could you guys please help me?. please!
  8. n0kia0110

    n0kia0110 Lurker

    same problem !
  9. n0kia0110

    n0kia0110 Lurker

    Guys , can you help me ..

    Ni-root ko kasi ung sgy ko , then gumana naman sya ..

    Nung nilagyan ko na ng 14statuscreedromupdatexen at creed_update_v2.1xen , ayaw ng lumabas ng logo ..

    Naghintay ako ng ilang oras , ayaw parin ..

    Please help me ..
  10. vonchi182

    vonchi182 Member

    hey guys!!

    the problems is ur phone won't boot bcuz of some applications installed or some modifications made that is not compatible with the galaxy y.

    my advice is to check if u can still go to recovery mode. by pressing power + home button + volume up at the same time.

    if still u can go to recovery mode, try wiping cache and all users data (it will hard reset ur phone)

    but if you can't go to recovery mode or u tried the above step and still ur phone wont reboot...

    try searching the web about guides and tutorials for flashing stock rom via odin for galaxy y.

    and maybe this link will help u http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1465800

    best regards! ^_^

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