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Galaxys S2 vs Infuse (cores)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tmaxey1, May 24, 2011.

  1. tmaxey1

    tmaxey1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I am still on the fence about purchasing the Infuse.

    However, I wish someone would post a video comparing the speeds of the Galaxy s2 vs the infuse. I keep checking all the normal places for a comparison but nothing yet.

    Here is what i am wondering about the 1gz dual core vs the 1.2 ghz single core. Does a 1ghz dual core equal the speed of 2.0ghz? So if you are comparing the speed of opening the web browsers, opening apps, email apps, sending text, making phone calls, ect. Basically anything one could do on a phone except for some graphically intense games would the 1ghz dual core do any of these faster? And if so would the speed really be noticeable?

    My evo is 1ghz single core snapdragon and it does all of these things smooth and without issues.

    Now i can see maybe a flash video from the internet playing a little smoother on a dual core. But even that i am not sure is a big difference. The infuse i was using at the store had a bunch of HD videos loaded on it and they played back very smooth.

    When a phone has a dual core processor when is that extra core running? I just dont think it will be running unless you are doing some extreme multitasking. I could be completely wrong on this. But i would love to know for sure.

    I really just dont know if the dual core is a big deal or not. I do not play many games on a phone. I have an xbox360, pc, ipad, psp, ect....all which i just dont have the time in the day to use. So being able to run a cutting edge game on my phone just isnt something i would do even if i could and it were free. I hate touch screen controls.

    If anyone knows of any video comparisons of this kind of test please post a link. The problem is we would need to see dual core vs single core running on very similiar overlays, ram, ect.

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  2. jsntrenkler

    jsntrenkler Newbie

    I know that phonedog will be doing a dogfight soon to compare the two. I can't wait to see it! Although Aaron over there is not my favorite reviewer. I picked up the infuse and will switch to the SG2 if it's truly worth the upgrade, I have to tell you though I think that the infuse is super speedy.
  3. svt04cobra

    svt04cobra Lurker

    Its my understanding from a tech I talked to that the atrix duel core does not even use the extra core unless you plug it into the laptop dock. I would think most applications are not even optimized for both cores as most phones don't have duel cores. I"m wondering the same for the galaxy s2. Unless your taxing the processor will the phone even use the 2nd core?
  4. gilgehmesh

    gilgehmesh Well-Known Member

    First part of Dogfight is out:

    YouTube - ‪Samsung Galaxy S II vs. Samsung Infuse 4G Dogfight Part 1‬‏

    Edit: Part 2 is now also out:

  5. Curses. I want the 4.5" screen but for some reason the SGS2 looks a lot smaller. It also looks better with the middle button and the sides/back. The weird bronze back cover and full chrome sides of the Infuse (I played with one at the AT&T store, kind of boring since it's basically a Galaxy S and no new Touchwiz) make it look cheap. I can't wait for Hercules, but at this rate with no SGS2 announcements at all from Samsung for the US and the June event being reserved for the Tab 10.1, the two superphones might be releasing at the same time or the Hercules eclipsing the SGS2. Samsung needs to spill the beans. I'm thinking of just jumping to an Infuse. Bah.
  6. tmaxey1

    tmaxey1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Based on watching a few comparisons of both phones now I am convinced that dual core only matters for gaming. The phone dog and phone envy reviews show the performance of almost all task is the same with either phone.

    Touchwiz 4.0 is nice if u are into that. But if you don't game seriously and like a bigger screen then the infuse seems great.
  7. Loriolus

    Loriolus Member

    It's definitely not worth around $600 more
  8. ochowie

    ochowie Newbie

    Hi all. New android user just switched to the infuse from an iPhone 4g and loving it so far. One question i had after watching this video is how do I get the black clock and weather combo widget he has on the infuse in the demo? Thanks.
  9. tmaxey1

    tmaxey1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Simiclock widgets in the market.
  10. boompchicko

    boompchicko Lurker

    Nto sure how I feel about single core nowadays.
  11. cellio908

    cellio908 Newbie

    Not sure how you feel about single core phones right now? Do you mean since the release of the first American dual core Motorola Atrix? Or maybe some extensive use with the other dual core phones. I had the Atrix { or 3 } and as most would say dual core is not optimized for phones as of yet. Sure, I am a sucker for high specs too and will most likely grab a GS2 if it becomes available in the near future. Still though this is the best form and functionality I have come across since the iPhone 3Gs.
  12. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    I'm very familiar with the various processors since I've owned every one. I'm not bragging, just sharing my personal hands on experience.

    Regarding the "Real World" performance, that you would actually notice? It's virtually unnoticeable unless you buy what is widely accepted as the best smartphone at the present time, the Samsung Galaxy S II.

    Even then unless you're gaming it's barely noticeable and certainly not a factor for me. Even though I carry a laptop to work each day, I still do most of my communicating via smartphone. That's because like right now I'm waiting for my flight at the airport, something I do a lot of. Therefore my usage is very heavy.

    Let's also remember these companies are in the business of selling their latest processors whether we need them or not. The reviews are geared towards the latest as well, so there you have it.


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