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Gallery and Picasa sync ***Solved***

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zachjen, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. zachjen

    zachjen Member
    Thread Starter

    I like the ability to upload my pics to that I take to Google+/Picasa automatically but now I have all the pics from my Picasa account synced in my stock gallery app on my phone. I want the pictures to upload but don't want the other pics synced to my phone. Is this possible? Thanks

    Verzion Galaxy Nexus
    AOKP M5

    This issue has been solved now with an update to something. I'm not sure what got updated but now under system settings / Accounts & sync / youraccount@gmail.com
    check mark in Sync Instant Upload and uncheck Sync Google Photos

  2. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Extreme Android User

    System settings -> accounts & sync -> gmail -> uncheck sync google photos
  3. zachjen

    zachjen Member
    Thread Starter

    after doing that the photos are still in the gallery. I cleared the data for the gallery and they still were in the gallery. I deleted the Google+ app and then they disappeared from the gallery. Reinstalled Google+ app and when I turn on instant upload a message pops up saying Sync Google Photos needs to enabled for in order to turn on Instant Upload.

    If i say ok to enabling Sync Google Photos then quickly go to the account settings and turn off Sync Google Photos and then go into the Google+ app settings It says Instant Upload is unavailable because I don't have Sync Google Photos enabled.

    So I guess it's not possible but didn't know if someone knew of some kind of work around to achieve this.
  4. chimphappyhour

    chimphappyhour Android Enthusiast

  5. NJSmoke

    NJSmoke Member

    I don't think there is a way to have it update to your G+ and not be on the instant folder in your gallery on that phone.
    I think you might want to consider Dropbox.
  6. zachjen

    zachjen Member
    Thread Starter

    yep that's what I was thinking.
  7. NJSmoke

    NJSmoke Member

    There is one other thing you can do which is what I did. Is to make another Gmail account that has no pictures in it. Attach the Instant file folder to that one.

    By the way there is a delay in you deleting pictures from your G+ account and the picture deleting out of that folder, it happens the next time you sync.

    You would also have to unsynce your other account.
  8. AnotherFatalEpic

    AnotherFatalEpic Android Enthusiast

    If you're syncing to Picasa strictly for backup, you might want to try Google Drive and FolderSync. I just set that up and it's what I'm doing to back up most important parts of my phone. You can just sync when your on WiFi and it will store any folder you set it to.

    I tried using Picasa but then every image that is on Picasa shows in it's own folder on the Gallery and shows again in the original folder. So I was having duplicates of every image in the Gallery. Using Google Drive I just have a nice backup putaway somewhere in case something happens to my phone.
  9. veccster

    veccster Android Enthusiast

    I can't get mine to auto sync with picasa. I have Google photo sync checked but the photos from my camera folder do not get transferred. I have to manually select the pictures and use the share feature to send them to picasa. Any suggestions?

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