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I have a home-built Windows Home Server (WHS) with 8TB storage. About a 3rd of it are music and movies I've managed to collect through the years. On the phone using Gallery and tapping on Connected Media, I can see my server in the list. When I tap it, it presents me with a list of folders called Music, Videos, Photos, etc.

Drilling down further, if I tap on say, Music then All Music, it's empty. It's the same with the other folders.

I've already enabled the Guest account on the server. Am I missing anything?


Hi oj88 - Did you ever work this one out? I have found a similar problem.

I'm connecting to a Netgear ReadyNAS DLNA server.

I can see all my music folders but when I drill down I eventually get 'No Photo or video files'.

The more confusing thing, and the problem I'm more eager to solve, is that when I go into my Video folders I can see and play some divx avi's but others appear as folders.

E.g. The video file might be called 'SomeVideo1.avi' appears as a file and I can open it and watch it over wifi (good quality too), but then another file say 'SomeVideo2.avi' appears as a folder called 'SomeVideo2' instead of a playable file. If I click on it I get the same 'No Photo or video files' error.

Anyone had any luck solving this one?


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I have given up as I couldn't make it work. I am instead using my iPad 2 and the Air Video app to stream videos from my server.