Gallery Download Folder Preview Picture Glitch

Ok, I'm at a loss and cannot find an answer anywhere in the forums or on the web. Here's my dilemma....

I have downloaded a picture attachment from my Gmail that is an 'unwanted picture' which I opened when I went to Gallery/Download folder. It is currently the default preview picture now for the Download folder.

I've already deleted this picture from the Download folder, but anytime I download a new picture attachment, it still uses the 'unwanted' pic as the folder preview. I've even tried manually deleting the Download folder using AstroFile Manager.

Everything I've tried doesn't seem to work. I desperately need help because currently I'm not able to download any picture from my Gmail account without that stupid picture showing up as the preview for the Download folder.

Thanks in advance.


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still no solution?

I've also tried unmounting/remounting the SD card.

Aside from completely resetting the phone to factory, I believe I've tried every situation.

Help...... :(


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Umm dont download 'unwanted' pictures heh

Anyways I'm not sure I'm just guessing here, but try this.

1) Backup you sdcard - ie copy the entire contents to your computer, and then with the phone format the sd card. Apps will recreate their directories as needed.
2) Go to your backup copy and go to where you images are located and check for any hidden or other unknown files. If its all 'clean' then copy those photos back to the phone.
3) Slowly go through and copy things you know you need back to the sd card, leave behind things like cache and anything you dont know what it is.
4) Then finally launch the gallery app(you shouldn't have at this point) and check to see if its been cleared.

If this fails, I dont know. Try getting root and exploring your phone, just be careful of what you delete, and if you do, always backup said file. Or just do a factory reset.


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Will do.....

My unwanted photo was an e-mail a friend sent to me as a joke....... If all else fails, I'll make him buy me a new phone! HAH