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Gallery Folder Preview Picture

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pennyandrusty, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. pennyandrusty

    pennyandrusty Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I updated to Froyo recently on my HTC Desire and noticed that the preview picture on my gallery folders changed. Is there an easy way to change the preview picture of the folder?

    It seems to be using the first picture in the folder. I tried deleting the folder and recreating it from my computer but didn't work. The first picture in the folder also doesn't seem to be related to the alphabetical order, or date order so not sure why it's even picking that picture as the first one.



  2. WannabeMKII

    WannabeMKII Newbie

    I'd like to know if the picture can be changed aswell?
  3. p0peye

    p0peye Lurker

    ... Any news on this subject? Save 1 place for me in the line for the solution...
  4. Fany123

    Fany123 Lurker

    I'm looking for a solution to this one too. It seems like you should be able to long-press the picture (or press menu) and "set as preview" or something. Long-pressing on the folder/gallery itself doesn't give any options either.
  5. Fany123

    Fany123 Lurker

    Ok, so this isn't a definitive control like I wanted to be able to specify which picture is used as the preview (like you can do for windows folders, etc), but worked in my case.

    While plugged into USB and viewing my SD card's contents on my pc, I noticed it seemed to be using the picture with the oldest "Date Modified" value. I opened the picture that was being used as my preview in MS Paint, made a minor change and saved. Since I didn't care what other picture was used this worked out fine.

    <sd card>\Saved Pictures\Folder (yes, I really named my folder "folder" :D )


    1) connect phone to computer with usb cable
    2) navigate to subfolder that is displaying the unwanted picture on your Gallery preview
    3) switch folder to "detail" view if necessary
    ..........right-click in empty space, then select VIEW>>DETAILS
    4) identify the picture you want to use as your preview, we need to ensure that this picture has the oldest value in the DATE MODIFIED column
    5) RIGHT-CLICK>>EDIT any picture with an older value than the picture you want, the picture should open in MS Paint or similar
    6) click SAVE then close Paint (you don't need to make any actual changes)
    ..........if you only have a few pics in the folder this will be easy, if you have a bunch you may want to find a different method
  6. medic-one

    medic-one Member

    Is there a better way for this yet by any chance ?

    I want to chose the preview pictures for each of my folders i created, but i can't seem to change some of the dates of photo's.

    I've downloaded a few other gallery apps but didn't like any, is there not an option to chose your own album preview photo in the gallery ?

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