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Gallery Issue

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Juan Carmelo Abuawad, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. Juan Carmelo Abuawad

    Thread Starter

    Hello people, since last week ever since i recieve videos or images form WhatsApp, for some reason my gallery saves them on different dates, if i recieve a pack of 10 images, most of them save correctly but others just save all over my gallery on different dates, anyone else with the same problema? any ideas on how to solve this?


  2. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Enthusiast

    Perhaps the exif data on some pics is different than the day you are receiving them.

    Or the data could be changed one way or another.

    Simple Gallery Pro from Simple Mobile Tools (F-Droid) is an excellent gallery/media app with multiple ways of categorizing files and folders.

    Each folder can be organized differently from the others.

    Maybe this is the easiest solution.

    My guess is that if you are using the stock gallery app that you would ditch it in a heartbeat once you have set up Simple Gallery Pro.
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  3. Trom

    Trom Newbie

    I was not satisfied with the stock gallery that came with OnePlus, and also found Simple Gallery Pro, which I've been extremely satisfied with.

    Also, to the OP, unless what's app simply can't be avoided, I would be very wary. There's an open source messaging app called signal, which sends encrypted if both parties are using it, obviously unencrypted if the other guys using a stock messaging app, but being open source, the code can be audited. What's app is owned by Facebook, the most personally intrusive privacy ignoring corporation in history.
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