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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Quiksilver, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Quiksilver

    Quiksilver Lurker
    Thread Starter

    For some reason, my gallery is not working. I've shut off the phone numerous times and even let it sit for an hour before turning back on yet it still does not work. It will open partially for about a second then close itself, without even asking for force close. If anyone has any knowledge as to why this problem is occuring, please inform me. Btw, I use launcher pro

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  2. xliderider

    xliderider Android Expert

    It's a fairly common problem lately. Go to Menu, Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, and select the All Applications tab at the top. Look for Gallery, Media Content, and Media Container Services, then for each one, clear Data and Cache if anything in there. Ignore any warnings that data and information will be lost. Reboot your device and wait a bit, the sd card needs to remount and your Gallery needs to reindex everything. But you will be able to get into Gallery afterwards.
  3. xliderider

    xliderider Android Expert

    FYI, some people's SD cards have failed shortly after this problem, so back everything you don't want to lose on your sd card to your computer.
  4. B360155

    B360155 Well-Known Member

    Weird, this just happened to me last night. I tried clearing cache and data but my gallery still didn't work. Found a thread in another forum that fixed mine. Go to the market and download the app Gallery 3D. Open the app and you should see a bunch of folders and pictures. Look to see if you have any that are black or blank. If you find any, these are corrupt files so delete them. Now go back to your stock gallery app and hopefully it opens and is back to normal. It worked for me.
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  5. Quiksilver

    Quiksilver Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks B3. I downloaded gallery 3d and found the corrupt files and deleted them. Now my stock gallery works like normal. Also, thanks for the tip xlider.
  6. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert

    Yes, that's the way to fix this. The most recent DX update made the stock gallery much more sensitive to corrupt files. Instead of FC'ing the gallery, it probably should FC/error when you try to view/play the file.

    I'm thinking this is a technically a bug introduced in the last update.
  7. droidxsrt

    droidxsrt Lurker

    Thanks B360155. That little gallery3d trick worked like a charm!
  8. scooots

    scooots Lurker

    Ive had dorid x phone for about 2 weeks. Gallery worked just fine. Then I hooked up to computer and transferred pictures from phone to computer. Since then my gallery has not worked. Something was triggered during that I think, my best guess at least. When I click on gallery it would flash and then go away. I installed Gallery 3d, deleted my pictures I took since the download with it, then my regular gallery worked just fine. Anybody else with this problem do a recent computer connect? And why is there not a Droid rep on these forums addressing these issues is beyond me. Make a product, then run like a democrat to another state. nice.

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