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GalnetMIUI Chameleon RC2

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by LttlDvl, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Aug 25, 2011
    GalnetMIUI Co-Founder
    We would like to say that we are releasing builds earlier than normal to show that recent activities will not stop us from providing our services to you our loyal fans.

    This weeks build is merely full of fixes, rather than any additional features.

    CHANGE LOG (i9000, i9000b and i897):

    - 720p Recording Tweaks (some users reported skipping still, hopefully this will fix it)
    - Video Playback Tweaks
    - Bluetooth file transfer and audio tweaks
    - More system tweaks, and UI improvements
    - Updated MIUI base to 1.8.26

    CHANGE LOG (Defy):

    - Resolved some bluetooth issues in regards to audio over bluetooth
    - Tweak the Audio framework
    - Slight modifications to the ISO settings within Camera
    - Updated miui base to 1.8.26

    Now what's included and what's changed in the i9100 release?

    - Removed Old Kernel and Now using Codeworkx (Cyanogen) Kernel
    - No longer will a modem be flashed (This is to prevent your default modem being wiped)
    - Updated the base to MIUI 1.8.26
    - More bluetooth fixes (Please retry Audio via Bluetooth)
    - Slight Camera ISO Tweaks
    - 4 Way Reboot Into Recovery etc

    Known issues (i9100):

    White screen boot issues (Flickering)
    FM Radio not Working
    Data not being turned on after reboot
    Sensors Not Sleeping Whilst Screen is On.

    What Works (Desire S):

    • 720p Recording
    • Camera
    • FM Radio
    • Auto Focus in video recording
    • Sensors
    • Flash Light
    • WiFi
    • Compass
    • 3G/2G Switch
    • Phone
    • Bluetooth
    Basically everything!

    Known Bugs (Desire S):
    Boot Animation has a white flash in it
    Call recording is untested so may not work, but will not be supported either.
    No OTA updater included
    No Audio when recording in 720p



    Size: 115MB


    Size: 115MB


    Size: 115MB


    Size: 108MB


    Size: 122MB

    Desire S

    Size: 102MB


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