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[GAME] 123 Kids Fun Alphabet Free- great way to learn preschooler the alphabet

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by rosmediapp, Feb 2, 2016.

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    Google Play store: http://bit.ly/1lhqGuU
    123 Kids Fun ALPHABET is fun and interactive way for your children to learn and practice saying, identifying and writing the letters of the alphabet.

    Perfect alphabet learning tool for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and students with special needs alike.

    123 Kids Fun ALPHABET has a LEARNING MODE, which has a mini game for each letter of the alphabet, three PRACTICE Game modes to strengthen what is learned in the Learning mode and a REWARD STICKER BOOK which encourages children to continue learning and practicing.

    +++ LEARNING MODE +++

    * A nonlinear menu; children choose which letters to practice.
    * Illustrates four different words and a mini game for each letter in the alphabet.

    +++ PRACTICE MODE +++

    * A letter identification mode which helps children identify letters quickly.
    * A Spelling mode that can be played in three levels of difficulty to help your child lean how to spell dozens of commonly used words.
    * A Writing mode to help your child practice forming letters.
    * Each mode rewards the player with stickers which can be randomly paced in your very own digital sticker book after completing a game round.


    Stickers which are awarded after completing rounds in one of the three Practice game modes are placed here. A parent or child can see how many times the practice rounds have been completed here.


    Children learn and have fun tracing letters, recognizing letter sounds, matching letters, and identifying beginning sounds.


    * Effective learning tool for young children.

    * Hundreds of bright, colorful and memorable sounds and illustrations.

    * Simple and intuitive menus, navigation and gameplay.

    * Developed and reviewed by experts in preschool education

    * Delightful animations will help your children learn letters and words in a fun and engaging way

    * Frequent repetition designed to help children learn letters and their sequences

    * Aligned to Common Core Standards for Preschool and Kindergarten Education

    * Animated flashcards to teach your kids letters and words

    * A rich, exploratory environment filled with surprises

    * Funny, bright and creative artwork

    * Your children can interact with the app at their own pace

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