[GAME][2.3.1+] The Two Guns


Hi everyone!

Here is a little introduction to the game The Two Guns.
Shoot, crash the target, develop your skills in precision throwing knives in the atmosphere of the great prairie landscapes of the Wild West `cause showdown may happen around here.
Acquire your shoot skills of dexterity and accuracy. This will help you to earn more gold coins and defeat your rivals in arms from a gang out of prairie.
Explore harsh and dangerous fun of the Wild West. Shooting and guns - is the best fun for the real cowboys. Your six-round heavy gun is ready now to smash into smithereens all the targets that you will fall under the arm.
"Two Guns" here are two games and two real cowboy amusement:
"Can Shot" galleries pistol shooting at different targets (bottles, cans, sticks of dynamite);
"Knives" throwing knives into the rotating target with chained blonde cowboy chic. Try not to hurt her, son!

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