[Game][4.0+] Bubble Pop Island


Hi, try my new, so far the best one, called Bubble Pop Island for Android 4+, free!

Welcome to the Bubble Pop Island. Around the island there are a lot of water bubbles and in some of them are trapped fishes. In each level, keep popping the bubble with proper color according to the pattern. In total there are 20 levels, 8 types of bubbles and 2 game modes. The Island campaign gradually unlock each level collecting stars as a successful liberation of fish trapped in bubbles with correct colors. In the free game mode the sea is releasing more and more bubbles, and it's just to hold on as long as possible popping correct bubble color.


Game Features:
** 2 game modes (Island campaign and Free play)
** 20 levels of popping bubbles
** Beautiful graphics
** Addictive gameplay
** Randomly generated levels
** The trophies (achievements)
** Global leaderboard of the best players
** Collecting stars
** An intriguing music
** Magical item Golden Bubble
** Suitable for all ages

Get on Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.petrvad.bubblepopisland


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