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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Soldalab, Jan 6, 2014.

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    Hello! We just launched first app, [Wakimon] on Google Play!

    WakiMon grows into various transformations according to the user's phone/text usage.
    You can always check the new monsters through widget.
    Try using widget with various extra features.

    ◆ features
    - 34 lovely monsters you can collect.
    - 2x2 / 2x1 sized widget with time, battery, weather, cpu/mem usage info.
    - If you hard to earn points, get additional solts and Double point Item.
    Maybe you can find some special stuffs in app, too.
    - More monsters and useful functions are coming!

    ◆ Caution
    - Not supported on Adroid OS ver.2.30 or less.
    - It may not be possible to take the text usage depending on your device.
    Try these sms apps : Handsent / GoSMS

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    Hello! I'm a developer of Sol.dalab.
    I just made a simple game in last weekend!

    I hope you enjoy it-
    please tell me how was it, and what you want to add or fix this app!
    Thank you :)


    Tap the Circle as many as you can!
    It's extremely simple, but not easy game.
    The Circle that moves Unpredictably will makes you jumpy and hairy!
    If you are fed-up with birds' flapping or crushing candies, why don't you try this addictive one?

    [How to?]
    + Just tap the Circle! 1 point per one hit.
    + Game will be over when the time's up, or tapping another area.
    + Earn additional seconds to tap the Circle five times(or more) in same position.
    + Special Circle pops! Catch it for higher score.
    + Share your scores and achievments with your friends!
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    [Alarm&Monster : Wakimon Alarm] is easy, perfectly functional, and enjoyable!

    + You can see the Monster on the main screen if you installed [Widget & Monster : Wakimon]
    And Wakimons will grow up when the alarm sounds!

    + Record sound as beep!
    Wakimon Alarm features basic sound, MP3 mode, and REC mode.
    Record your Favorite motto and wake up everyday with it!
    Voice of your loved one will make sweet morning.

    + Experience beautiful GUI and enjoy with Wakimons!

    + New functions & Themes will be updated.

    Tags : alarm / timer / remind / reminder / record / REC / voice / wakimon / timely / clock / morning / wake
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    Catch the Circle Ver 1.0.5
    - Added tutorial / pause button
    - Fixed score issue
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    Lace up, aim the net, and shot special shoots; Bigger opponents, outsmart players, and ticking referee's watch.. Do you dare to be the one of the Freekick Masters?

    Feel the excitement of every aim, curving, pass, and shot with simple touch controls. Play along with real-world national teams, with cheerful and exciting sounds. Feel that all spectators and supporters are ready to shout for your goal!

    - Featuring 76 all-time qualifying countries, including 32 Brazil finals qualifiers.
    - Google+

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