[GAME] Bubble Paradise beta


This is the first game from Ilyushin Software, Bubble Paradise beta:

Bubble Paradise is an amazing new bubble breaking style game, focused principally into thinking before shooting due to the tricky nature of the levels. If you want, there's no time limit so take it easy.

Remember that It's vital to learn some basic and "not so basic" tricks in order to clear each level, but they aren't explicitly shown.
In order to know how to play this game please read the help section ingame, at least that's easy.


-Two large challenging starting level packs plus an unlockable one via facebook like
-More than 300 levels! And some traps too!
-Updateable content including themes, level packs and more!
-Switchable ball theming in extra level packs
-Eye candy graphics
-Custom high quality ingame sounds
-Custom ingame vibration simulating force-feedback effects
-No time limit mode
-Rush mode, only for fast minds
-High precision aiming sistem
-Full touch screen compatibility
-Trackball/trackpad ready
-Colorblind mode

Important note:

Bubble paradise is actually in a early beta stage so if you find any bug or you miss any feature please don't hesitate to contact with us!
Player's feedback will be considered and thanked. Your idea could be implemented in the next update!

Screenshots (they are in Spanish but the game is in English too):


Android Market link:


Facebook page:


Thread starter
We are thinking (and testing) about implementing an easier control mode for this game, based in touching the screen where you want to send the ball and then the ball goes there (auto aim and shot). What do you think? The actual control mode would be switchable ingame too.